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Business Planning

Success is about planning.  We want to help you achieve success.

Creating a business plan will help you align goals amongst the directors, identify Gross Revenue Targets and Key Performance Indicators, establish a robust accountability system. Plus, if you’re seeking finance for your new business you’ll need to show banks and investors why they should support you. 

How can we help you

We’ll enable you to review actual performance against targets and establish a 90 day action plan to address immediate and critical issues.  You’ll set solid and realistic business goals and define strategies for achieving them. 

Business Mentoring

An accountant can be a valuable business mentor, as they have expertise in financial management and can provide valuable advice on how to manage and grow a business. We offers business mentor services and can help you  with a wide range of services

  • Setting financial goals and creating a budget
  • Managing cash flow and expenses
  • Developing financial projections and forecasting
  • Understanding and complying with financial regulations and laws
  • Identifying financial opportunities and challenges

We’ll keep your chin up, listen to you and offer advice, it can be very refreshing to have an outside voice putting forward a different view of things. We can meet with you on a regular basis to go over your financial reports and as you expand, we’ll be there to help you implement different procedures and systems, to help with the growing pains.

Cash flow Projections and cash flow management

Cash flow is a crucial element of any business, and managing it effectively is essential for success.

It’s typically presented in a report, but many contractors, sole traders and small businesses use accounting software and work with us to ensure greater accuracy.

Whether your bank has requested a Cashflow Forecast or not, every business owner needs an understanding of cash and liquidity for better decision making.  All businesses should have a Cashflow Forecast in place at the beginning of the new financial year.  Having said that, we can prepare one at any time. 

Our cash flow management services include:

  • Assessing your current cash flow situation and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Developing a cash flow budget and forecast to help you plan for the future
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain good cash flow
  • Allows you to predict and plan for large cash outflows
  • Improve business processes to boost cashflow, profit and business value
  • Allows you to predict and plan for large cash outflows

Cash flow is the life-blood of all businesses, making the cashflow forecast an important resource. We have  the expertise and tools to create a cash flow projection for your business.

Financial education

An accountant can certainly make things easier for business owners, letting them focus on what they do best however, it’s still important that people understand their businesses.

At My Tax CA, we believe that financial literacy is a crucial skill for any business owner or professional. That’s why we offer a range of financial education services to help you understand and manage your finances effectively.

This service enables business owners to fully understand and interpret their numbers, therefore gaining a strong foundation on which to manage thei